Robotics Fest @ Swamy's Group of Schools - 16th Feb 2019

Robotics is designed to specifically encourage students to think critically, synthesise information and sharpen their teamwork and communication skills.
At Swamy’s School, all students are given the opportunity to learn robotics, and interested students are encouraged to build on this foundation by participating in our “Robotics Fest” conducted every year. The Projects displayed were – Black Line following Robot, Solar Tracking, Mobile control, TV Remote control robot, Sumo Robot, Soccer Robot, Edge avoiding Robot and Obstacle avoiding Robots. Students have embraced the program with an eagerness to explore, an openness to feedback, and a wonderful ownership of their accomplishments. They are well on their way to becoming the next generation of innovators, inventors, and leaders.
All participants were awarded certificates, as a token of appreciation.
Congratulations to these competitors, and to the many other students who participated in Robotics Project this year!

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