Our School

Swamy's School, Santhosh Nagar

Swamy's School, Santhosh Nagar

Pushpanjali Campus
Classes I – XII

The school is often credited with many "firsts" - the first guru, the first peer and the first home away from home. It is here that little buds bloom into blossoms of various hues. Where pitter-patter of little feet turn into stomping and marching strong individuals yearning to make their marks in the big wide world.

Education is much more than just written and spoken words. We believe that each child is unique, their learning abilities and thought processes quite different, all of which need to be developed by the school

We have created a system based on values that go beyond the traditional methods of imparting education. The school stimulates interest. encourages enquiry and promotes understanding in students through relevant activities. The teaching methods adopted are varied and flexible. Apart from regular teaching and individual attention, a lot of group based activities are organized which brings out team work and leadership qualities in children.

We encourage the students to enjoy the learning process, discover who they are, and enable them to do what they love.